Candle Light Day

Candle Light Day is celebrated annually and internationally on the third Sunday in May. The purpose of this day is to honor those who have died as a result of AIDS, but also to express our support for those living with HIV. Around the world, thousands of people mark this day. For our team, this commemoration is one of the most important of the year, a time when the entire community comes together for a solemn moment of support for our brothers and sisters who have passed away too soon, but also to bring comfort to those who are still fighting.



SDP “Support Don’t Punish”

“Support Don’t Punish” day marked annually on June 26 is the most important campaign in our fight. Launched in 2013, the “Support. Don’t Punish” is a global community initiative to support harm reduction and include health and human rights in drug policy. Through various actions in more than 90 countries in 2020, activists committed to harm reduction and human rights protection are campaigning against discrimination and stigmatization. The goal is to achieve policy changes to eliminate repressive laws that criminalize people who use drugs. People who use drugs must be supported and accompanied in their addictions and not punished and marginalized. The fight against drugs is an invisible war in which users are the victims. Support. Not Pinir.

In 2020, given the context of the pandemic, the campaign was conducted online. With a series of testimonies about the realities that women in the community live. Discover their messages :

We also participated in a video on discrimination made by CUT: