Screening for HIV, Hepatitis C and Syphilis.

All three diseases can be screened by our certified teams by appointment in our office. AILES advises, accompanies and informs people living with these diseases and follows them during their treatment. However, a confirmation test is done at the DCCI (Day Care for the Immuno-Suppressed) and treatment is initiated after confirmation of the disease and support is offered to patients who need it.

Find all the important information about these diseases in the “Did you know?” section.

Support for methadone substitution treatment

People enrolled in the methadone substitution program are accompanied by our teams for better follow-up and evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment. AILES is the first organization to offer a “home dose” service for this treatment, which usually has to be taken at the police station of the locality in which the beneficiary lives. However, it must be authorized by the Ministry of Health, supported by a medical certificate certifying that the person is unable to move in the long term. It should be noted that the application must be approved by the Ministry of Health.

NEP (Needle Exchange Program)

Through the needle exchange program (NEP), AILES provides drug users with access to clean needles and equipment. This project allows drug users to protect themselves against diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C. A relationship of trust is established between the AILES staff and the beneficiary, who can also call on the NGO’s field workers when he or she decides to be accompanied for methadone substitution treatment or detoxification in a center.

Collection of used syringes

Every week a collection of used needles is carried out in order to limit the risks of HCV (Hepatitis C virus) and HIV infections among children and people in the Mangalkhan community. This service is also offered to other areas depending on the request of the local social workers or the inhabitants.

Overdose Management & Training

Field workers are trained in overdose management and are regularly called upon to resuscitate drug users who overdose in the Mangalkhan and Phoenix areas. They also train the drug-using community in lifesaving skills. Please feel free to contact us if you would like information about our awareness sessions.

Medical and psychosocial support

Visits and accompaniment to hospitals and care centers allow us to identify and address issues of stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. AILES works with hospital staff, including doctors, to ensure better management of HIV/HCV. Counseling by a psychologist is also available for drug users/persons living with HIV/parents/children.

Recourse to various human rights institutions is undertaken in case of stigmatization and discrimination of its members.

Food Aid

In partnership with Foodwise, we regularly distribute food and basic necessities to our beneficiaries. We have been funded by the state to provide food aid to vulnerable families, which AILES monitors.

Awareness and prevention

AILES is regularly called upon in schools and community centers to raise awareness and prevent the dangers of drugs, HIV, and hepatitis C. We also conduct awareness campaigns in high-risk neighborhoods at the request of neighborhood committees and businesses. We also conduct awareness campaigns in at-risk neighborhoods at the request of neighborhood committees and businesses. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to obtain information about our awareness sessions.


In order to change laws and practices that jeopardize the human rights of HIV-positive people and marginalized populations, AILES participates through campaigns and position papers on various issues. Mainly on the level of care for people living with HIV, repression of drug users and imprisoned people with the collaboration of other regional and international NGOs.

Dance Art AILES

Dance workshop for local children that provides alternatives for the children of Mangalkhan. The children learn discipline, artistic expression, communication, body and mind development. They are informed about the dangers of drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis C and early pregnancy.

Garden of Happiness

Awareness workshop for children through exercises, games, meditation and stories to stimulate creativity, increase self-confidence and overcome life’s obstacles that Mangalkhan children may face.

I5PC Project (Initiative 5%)

In collaboration with other associations, the I5PC project aims to follow up on people who are released from prison.

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