Moris AIDS Tour is a mobile screening campaign proposed within the framework of the International Screening Week organized by Coalition Plus. The objectives of this project are

  • Accelerate the reduction of HIV to reach the goal of 90 – 90 – 90 by 2030 by proposing a mobile campaign.
  • Raise awareness among the general population and key populations on the theme of global solidarity and shared responsibility.
  • To break the taboos of screening by proposing a family and friendly event.
  • Offer screening in places where people do not have easy access to screening.
  • Obtain the support of artists to attract the maximum number of people.

For the occasion, a large bus of 60 seats, named the Express 2030

in reference to the objective 90 – 90 -90, has crisscrossed the roads

of the island over 2 days. As a reminder, this objective means that 90%

of people living with HIV have been tested and know their status; 90%

of people living with HIV are on treatment; 90% of people on treatment have an undetectable viral load, thus making the virus untransmittable.

We propose a retrospective video to discover the whole of this ambitious project;